Come to SCHOOOL to teach and learn English.

SCHOOOL is an ideal mobile platform for English language teachers and learners.

The app is designed to leverage social features for helping students learn English more easily, connecting them to English teachers and learners around the world. It also provides smart English language learning tools.

Learn English Using Social Features

  • Interact with other English language learners.

  • Post English expressions in a snap and get feedback instantly.

  • Post questions and receive answers from other users.

  • Learn English from different teachers globally.

We provide essential tools that help students learn English more easily and effectively on the go.

Practice Speaking with Chatbot

Lingo Bot, the AI chatbot created by SCHOOOL, is an innovative tool designed to help English language learners practice speaking English.

No need to look for native speakers to practice speaking English. Now you have the Lingobot who you can access anytime and anywhere.

You can also create your own bot customized to your needs.

With Glass Notes, the Globe Is Your Notepad.

Create your own virtual post-it notes called ‘Glass Notes’ with SCHOOOL app and paste them up anywhere around the globe. Use them for your location-based virtual notes.

The feature also permits English phrases for daily use based on location. 

The app lets you catch the Glass Notes that contain English phrases for daily use based on your location. Glass Notes vary depending upon location types, such as hospitals and shopping malls. Once the notes are glassed, tap the English phrases on the Notes, and Glass reads them out loud.

To enable this, SCHOOOL used a location-based augmented reality technology. SCHOOOL has located millions of Glass Notes at every corner of the world.

Create Class and Study Together

Do you want to have a group study with your friends? Don’t go to a coffee shop any more.

Create a class, invite friends and study together.

Are you an English language teacher? Create a mobile class and let your students in.

Post lectures, interact with your students and give them feedback on the go.

Keep English expressions on our Smart Notebook.

  • Send English phrases of daily use to your Notebook.

  • Add English expressions manually to the Notebook.

  • Notebook reads the phrases for you to repeat them.

  • Test whether the phrases are memorized.

ESL teachers, Post and Share Lectures.

Post lectures and meet your prospective students. Invite your students and interact with them on the go.

Share lectures within a few clicks from any mobile devices connected with internet.

Create Lingobots(Chatbot for speaking practice) and Glass Notes(Location based virtual notes) that are customized to your needs and offer them to your students.

For further information, go to Instructor Manual.

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