Come to SCHOOOL to teach or learn English & Korean

SCHOOOL is an ideal mobile platform for English and Korean language teachers and learners.

The app is designed to leverage social features for helping students learn English and Korean more easily. It also provides smart language learning tools.

SCHOOOL uses the most advanced information technologies and artificial intelligence to provide individually customized education and to break the barriers of time and space that lie in delivering education.

To make it happen, SCHOOOL develops the social networking platform, smart learning assistants, mixed reality techs and artificial intelligence models.

Learn Languages Using Social Features

  • Interact with other language learners.

  • Post questions and receive answers from other users.

  • Learn English and Korean from different teachers globally.

We provide essential tools that help students learn English and Korean more easily and effectively on the go.

Create Class and Study Together

Do you want to have a group study with your friends? Don’t go to a coffee shop any more.

Create a class, invite friends and study together.

Are you an English or Korean language teacher? Create a mobile class and let your students in.

Post lectures, interact with your students and give them feedback on the go.

Practice Speaking with Chatbot

Lingo Bot, the AI chatbot created by SCHOOOL, is an innovative tool designed to help English or Korean language learners to practice speaking.

No need to look for native speakers to practice speaking. Now you have the Lingobot who you can access anytime and anywhere.

You can also create your own Lingobot customized to your needs.

With Geo Notes, the Globe Is Your Notepad.

Create your own virtual post-it notes called ‘Geo Notes’ with the SCHOOOL app and paste them up anywhere around the globe. Use them for your location-based virtual notes.

The app lets you catch the Geo Notes that contain English or Korean sentences for daily use based on your location. Geo Notes vary depending upon location types, such as hospitals and shopping malls. If you tap sentences on the Geo Notes, it reads them out loud.

To enable this, SCHOOOL used a location-based augmented reality technology. SCHOOOL has located millions of Geo Notes at every corner of the world.

Archive sentences in our smart Notebook.

  • Send sentences of daily use to your Notebook.

  • Add sentences manually to the Notebook.

  • Notebook reads sentences for you to repeat them.

  • Test whether the sentences are memorized.

StudyFlow: the smartest way to learn languages

StudyFlow is a set of expressions by topic and 3 smart learning tools that facilitate learning.

The 3 smart learning tools ‘Lingobot, Notebook and Test Pad’ allow you to learn expressions in a fun and effective way.

You can practice speaking with Lingobot, the AI chatbot developed by SCHOOOL. Notebook helps you to listen and repeat archived English expressions, while Test Pad provides you with a testing feature. All these learning tools are included in the StudyFlow.

Lingo Finder, Sentence Search Engine

Do you have any doubts on the phrases you want to use? Search them on Lingo Finder.

Lingo Finder helps you to browse sentence examples that will clear up doubts with your writing.

It is highly recommended that you should search for phrases on Lingo Finder before completing your manuscript.

Teachers! Post and Share Lectures.

Post lectures and meet your prospective students. Invite your students and interact with them on the go.

Deliver lectures within a few clicks from any mobile devices connected with internet.

Create smart learning tools(StudyFlow, Lingobot and Glass Notes) customized to your needs, and offer them to your students.

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