How to use


Practice Speaking with Lingobot.

Lingo Bot is the AI chatbot created by SCHOOOL to help English language learners practice speaking English.

Glass Notes

Capture virtual Glass Notes that contain useful English phrases for daily use based on your location.

Create your own Glass Notes and paste them anywhere. Use them for your location-based virtual notes.


Archive your English expressions in the Smart Notebook.

Notebook reads them out loud for you, and you can test if you’ve memorized the expressions.


Do you want to have a group study with your friends?

Create a class, invite friends and study together.


The Smartest Way To Learn English Expressions

StudyFlow is a set of English expressions by topic and 3 smart learning tools that facilitate learning.

Lingo Finder

Lingo Finder is the sentence example search engine.

Lingo Finder helps you to browse sentence examples that will clear up doubts with your English writing.