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TitleMy Fellow ESL Teachers - Must-Read2018-03-14 11:29
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Dear my fellow ESL teachers, 


Post lectures, and gain publicity.

Meet your prospective students around the world. 


We already have a great number of English learners who are looking for English teachers. This number is growing very fast. SCHOOOL: English On The Go provides an innovative and ideal platform for both English language teachers and learners, using social features. There are more than 1 billion English learners around the globe. We have created a perfect platform that connects English teachers and students from around the world. You can reach your prospective students and interact with them anytime and anywhere, using SCHOOOL app.


Teachers can create, post and distribute their lectures in a snap within a few clicks on the aqpp. We also provide English learners with smart study tools such as Lingobot(Chatbot for English speaking practice), Glass Notes(Location-based virtual post-it-notes), Notebook and Class(Group study tool).


Go and check these features:   

Introduction of CLASS :

Tips To Better Use This App
Here are some tips to better use this app as an ESL teacher.

First, try to get as many followers as possible by posting articles and lectures. It is similar to what you do on Facebook or YouTube to gain publicity. You will be able to get more followers by posting eye-catching and instructive articles and lectures.

Second, open a mobile class on this app, and invite your students to the class. You have all the necessary tools to run a class and to interact with your students.

Third, create StudyFlows customized to your needs and offer them to your students. The StudyFlow is a set of Lingobot, Glass Notes and Notebook. Once you make a StudyFlow, these 3 learning assistants are created at once. You can share your StudyFlows via CLASS. In order to make a StudyFlow, all you need is a group of English sentences and their translation in your native language. If your native language is English, your sentences are automatically translated into 19 different languages by Artificial Intelligence. However, be noted that the translation results cannot be 100% accurate.

How To Post Lectures To Different Targets
You can post lectures and articles to 3 different targets.

Post to Public:
Your post will be open to everyone on the app. If you post lectures and articles as an instructor, it is notified to your followers(people who follow you). Check 'How to become an instructor' below.

Post to Class only:
Your post will be open only to the Class members. Once posted, it will be notified to all the members of the class.

Post to Public and Class together:
Your post will be open both to Public and the Class members. This target posting is good when you open a new Class and publicize the class to the public. In this case, non-members can only see the post but cannot leave comments. Your post is notified to class members and your followers.

How to select a target:
On the post creation page, you can select the target by tapping the 'Public' icon next to your profile photo.

How To Become An Instructor
When you create a lecture, add lecture recording by tapping the 'Mic' button, and once the recording is completed, you can choose to 'use it as a lecture' or not. If you choose to use it as a lecture and post it, you are automatically registered as an instructor by the system. If you post lectures or articles as an instructor, your post is notified to all of your followers.

7 Minutes Only
Why a lecture is limited to 7 minutes: Students prefer lectures that are short, simple and to the point. It is attributed to so-called ‘Bite Size Culture’. We found that a lecture should not be longer than 7 minutes to keep students interested and concentrated.

Lecture Store : Monetization
‘Lecture Store’ and ‘Paid Class’ will be launched very soon. Before launching them, we will invite 100 ESL teachers to become SCHOOOL-Certified-Instructors and they will be given the opportunity to pre-load the first batch of paid lectures. Now is an essential time to build a good reputation with the English language learners on this app. It is crucial to establish rapport with app users early on.


We, team SCHOOOL, wish you the best of luck.

What are you waiting for?

Post your lectures today! 

-My Fellow ESL Teachers - Must-Read2018-03-14